Who will walk these wooden streets?

all poetry is written by Ryan Kai Cheng Thom, who is (obviously) an aspiring poet. Contact them at ryan.thom@mail.mcgill.ca!

December 31, 2012 at 8:38pm

resolutions: a policy of the colored queer self

seeing the approach of the Western Calendar New Year;

acknowledging that there exists an annual New Year’s custom of declaration of universal self-loathing in the form of unfulfilled, market-produced ideals of Being, Beauty, and Goodness; (i am not fit enough thin enough white enough man enough  girl enough sexy enough good enough obedient enough beautiful enough)

undenying the legacies of diaspora, genocide, imperialism, and oppression that have brought this Body, and its forbears and peers, forth unto the present time; (my country is the country between countries and is drawn on a bloodline map of loss)

remembering this Body’s history of spiritual, sexual, and internalized subjugation as the result of the above legacies; (i was not lying it did happen it did i will not be silent i shall not forget)

restorying the future;

be it resolved that this Body 

DECLARES itself a sovereign nation; no colonizer shall transverse or trespass its borders, partake of its goods, or enjoy its premises without revocation of all colonial powers unto the hands of the Body in question and the reciprocal provision of any pleasures taken herein; (no one will touch me hit me break me hurt me trick me exploit me own me that way ever again)

DEMANDS that all other bodies recognize sovereignty outlined above and provide official acknowledgement of this Body’s exquisite beauty, transcendent worth, and resplendent connection to the earth and stars; (the love i will accept is a worshipful love, or i will have no love at all)

CONDEMNS the colonizer in all its forms, including that which lives within the Body itself; (i remember who i am i remember what i have done the blood in my footsteps and who it came from, i will not rest till it is undone)

CALLS UPON all sibling bodies united in solidarity, and spirit, and story, and song, to  stand strong against the immoral use of Stories of Social Construction to oppress and un-dignify us; (sing with me sing with me palms pressed to the sky)

TRANSFORMS fear into freedom; 

(fear into freedom)

(fear into freedom, fear into freedom, fear into freedom, fear into freedom, fear into freedom, fear into freedom, fear into freedom, fear into freedom, fear into freedom)


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